Fresh picked Grey Oyster Mushrooms, our mushrooms are grown following organic (non certificed) practices using local sawdust, waste straw from Milmore Downs, a local certificed organic farm in Scargil, Canterbury, and organic waste coffee grind from Cafe's around Christchurch City.


Selling these cheap, we hate wasting food and we have more than we can currently sell, dehydrated, eat etc. A great healthy food to add to most meals :) . Some health benefits and be found here: 


We only have the Grey Variety avalibale curently.


Allow a week or two for us to pack and send you order as we send mushrooms the same day as picked. Oyster mushrooms are a little fragile and do take a little dammage while in transit but will still be 100% fine to eat. Mushrooms will be wrapped in fish in chip paper inside the box.

Fresh Oyster Mushrooms 0.5kg

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