Grow your own organic (non certified), oyster mushrooms! Perfect for kids or as a gift for that person that has everything! Fail proof introduction to mushroom growing! For a slightly more involved experience check out our "5 Step Oyster Mushroom Kit"


These boxes are ready to go as soon as they arrive. The only thing you have to do is watch the mushroom grow and then eat them!


Basic instructions are included. You can also check out our blog on oyster mushrooms here.

Expect 1-3 crops from the box which measures 230mm x 230mm x 165mm. We guarantee at least 1 crop.


These boxes are great CO2 generators. Half their weight will be turned into CO2 over the fruiting cycle making them excellent for greenhouses or indoor growing environments.


The box contains a fruiting substrate made up of organic straw and coffee grinds. Once fruiting has stopped after about 2-3months, remove the straw and put contents in the garden - you may even get a few extra mushrooms!


If for any reason your kit doesnt work out please email us some photos and we will be happy to help troubleshoot the issues and if necessary replace free of charge, you would just need to cover the freight cost.


Always identify any mushroom before consuming!

Mini Mushroom nothing, ready to grow!

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