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SporeShift Mushrooms NZ Returns Policy

Your satisfaction is of the utmost priority to us - please contact us if you have an issue or concern about your purchase on

For details on the guarantee we offer in relation to specific products you are purchasing, we recommend you check the “product guarantee” tab on each of the individual product pages on this site. As we offer many varied types of products they do differ somewhat for each product - so please take a look at the details relating to what you are purchasing.


As mushrooms are living products, requiring a process to grow that has many variables, we will always troubleshoot any issues you encounter. In the first instance please read the instruction sheet/s sent with your product/s closely. If you are still stumped please reach out and send us a message for prompt advice & assistance.

As a rule for products that we have verified are defective or contaminated you will receive a replacement.


Shipment Errors

Please do inspect your order when you receive it and ensure you have received the right items! In the event of any error let us know and we will remedy it pronto.



Please DO NOT send back items to us without first contacting us on (or via the contact us form on this website). In most cases where a refund or replacement applies you won’t need to send the product/s back to us at all.

When contacting us please remember to:

1) Include your order number - it is found on your order confirmation email
2) For products that appear contaminated - please include photos
3) For products that are damaged in transit or defective - please include photos

Replacements for specific Categories of Products

1 Living Products: Mushroom Grow Kits/ Spawn/ Dowels/ Cultures on Agar/ Liquid Cultures/ CO2 bags/ Sterile Grain & Sawdust blocks

For all our living products we guarantee to replace any product that is contaminated. 

For a small mushroom lab such as ours contamination rates of around 1% are the standard benchmark of an excellent production system (the SporeShift lab is consistently under 1% for a good few years now). This is evident in the average rate of replacements we send out. We believe we have the lowest rate of contamination rate of any grower selling mushroom kits, spawn and other living products in NZ.

If you have, or suspect you have a contaminated product please DO NOT send it back to us via post - it is never required. Rather simply contact us via email and we will appraise the situation - remember to include your order number and photographs showing what you are seeing in the email.

For Mushroom Grow Kits:

  • We guarantee at least one harvest from your grow kit.

  • We do not guarantee any specific yield as this is subject to many variables beyond our control.

  • If your kit does not begin to produce mushrooms at all within 6 weeks please contact us for help.

  • Often the kits are not faulty and we will offer some simple solutions to help make the kit produce mushrooms within a 2 week period, if this does not work we will then replace the kit.

For Mushroom Spawn:

  • We guarantee to replace unopened contaminated spawn on a case by case basis.

  • Please send us a photo showing the bag unopened and suspected contamination.

  • We do not guarantee yields from spawn.

  • We do not guarantee growing success from our spawn once opened due to a wide range of growing methods, cultivar skill and varying equipment requirements. If you believe our spawn was at fault for a failed crop please send us your growth steps with photos, we will be happy to assess on a case by case basis.

Garden Kit (Dowels/ Garden Bed Kits)

As our garden products take quite a long time to produce mushrooms (dowels can take 6-18 months and garden bed kits 3-12 months) it will take quite some time for you to know if the product has failed. These growing methods are subject to naturally varying environmental factors and success cannot be 100% guaranteed.


  • Please follow the instructions with your kit carefully when you commence.

  • If you have seen no results on the timelines provided we will generally send you a replacement free of charge but ask you to cover packing and shipping costs.

2 Consumable items - Mushroom Growing Supplies and growth supplements

Nearly all of our consumable items are generally fail-proof! However they are sometimes damaged in transit. If so contact us (with photos showing the damage) for a replacement.

For Agar Plates


  • Unopened plates that are contaminated will be replaced. 

  • We typically see the industry benchmark 0.1 to 0.5% contamination rate for agar plates.

If you have received contaminated plates please contact us with photos showing the contamination (and showing that they are unopened) for a replacement.

Contamination of agar plates means any visual growth on the surface of the unopened plate.


3 Electrical Goods

All electrical goods we sell are covered under the standard NZ Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. They therefore include a 12
month non commercial use warranty.



Gift Cards

Gift cards cannot be cancelled or refunded once purchased.
Please note that gift cards have a 12 month expiry date.


In the very rare case that we cannot offer you a replacement product we will provide a refund. In such cases you will be credited back to your original payment method (PayPal, credit card or bank transfer). Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund to your account.


Last updated 24th Nov 2023

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