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Brand new HEPA Filter H14 and G4 pre filter to build your own flow hood.


H14 610x610x66mm (White Filter)

G4 Pre Filter (Green Filter)


200mm Inline fan to match providing the correct air flow rate. Fan is not the exact fan pictured due to COVID supply issues. I have sourced single speed metal exterior 200mm fans.


I can have filter box's made with 200mm air spigot for $420.00. Made out of light weight silver kool duct with aluminium frame. See other products to purchase


Shipping will be invoiced separately at the buyers cost. For complete box and filter shipping to:

North Island Mainfreight or Bascik Depot is about $220.00

South Island Mainfreight or Bascik Depot is about $120.00


Feel free to ask for an exact shipping quote before purchasing. Email us with any further questions at


Flow Hood Parts - Filter - Fan - Box