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Master Culture Slants - Pure 1st Generation Mushroom Cultures


Start building your own culture bank with our top-quality master culture slants. These slants represent the youngest, first generation of our in-house cultures, ensuring the highest purity and vigor for your cultivation needs.


Key Features:


  • Premium Quality: Our culture slants are meticulously maintained and guaranteed to be free of any contamination.
  • Long-lasting: Store in the fridge for up to 12 months. While we have in-house slants that remain 100% viable after 5 years, we recommend creating new slants annually to maintain optimal health.
  • Ideal for Cultivation: Perfect for establishing a robust and reliable culture bank for your mycological projects.
  • Commercial Use: By purchasing this culture, you are permitted to use it to produce mushrooms for retail sale. Sporeshift retains full rights to continue using and controlling these cultures for our own operations as we see fit.


Enhance your mushroom cultivation with our superior master culture slants, designed for reliability and excellence.


Note -  slants require basic lab skills and handling under sterile conditions to prevent contamination.


Please also note that some slants may require 2-3 weeks to prepare, they may need to be made fresh for your order. We will confirm this via email if this is the case.

Master Culture Slants - Generation 1

  • Cultures are sent out in agar slants as pictured (lid color may vary). Agar colour may vary, we use colouring to keep track of strain lines and agar mixes from time to time.

    SporeShift ships by NZ Post courier - shipments are trackable.

    Shipping is FREE for orders over $40.