Pink Oyster blocks will be back in stock in Spring.


Grey or pink oyster mushroom fruiting blocks ready for you to produce mushrooms (fruit), harvest and eat! Grey oyster mushrooms are easy to grow year round. The grey oyster mushrooms strain is strongly recommended for growing over winter and for overall best yield, especially if you are in the South Island. Pink oyster mushrooms are a tropical strain and love summer!! They will not grow well, if at all, in temperatures under 15C. More info on growing oyster mushrooms on our blog post here.


We keep our stock fresh and at the highest possible quality, at times there can be up to a 1-2 week wait for blocks to ensure you with successful mushroom growing :)


All you need to do is cut an 'X' into the bag and spray daily with tap water until mushrooms grow. You can get anywhere from 1-4 harvests off the block, we guarantee at least 1 harvest, more are a bonus.


Block will be fully colonized when you receive it i.e. it will be ready or close to producing mushrooms.


There are many factors that affect the block's total yield so we can't answer provide an exact estimate on that. However, we will provide detailed instructions on how to get the best results without specialized equipment. The scale photo above shows the weight from our first flush from a block on the farm.


If for any reason your kit isn't pumping out mushrooms, please email us some photos ( and we will be happy to help troubleshoot the issues and if necessary replace your mushroom block.


Always identify any mushroom before consuming!


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