How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms - Beginners Guide

Updated: Sep 12

Why grow your own oyster mushrooms at home?

Many Kiwis grew up watching our parents or grandparents picking tomatoes, silverbeet, carrots, and the odd field-mushroom in the paddock. Today, it is still fairly uncommon to see people growing gourmet mushrooms at home -- as it hasn't been a big part of the culture of farming here in NZ. Along with a ranging flavour profile, mushrooms have plenty of health benefits and can be expensive to buy in shops, especially high-quality fresh ones! Cultures throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia have been enjoying a large variety of mushrooms in different cuisines, as well as for medicinal purposes, for many generations. Oyster mushrooms are also especially high in selenium, which Kiwis are commonly deficient in!

For those that are new to the world of growing mushrooms, we highly recommend starting with grey oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms are a high-yielding, fast-growing crop. They can be grown relatively low-tech, and are tolerant of varying environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, light levels, and carbon dioxide levels -- making them a perfect choice for first-time-growers.

Beginner-friendly oyster mushroom grow kits!

Growing mushrooms at home can be a fun and rewarding addition to the garden, not to mention a perfect opportunity for those of us in an urban setting, as they take up very little space. Oyster mushrooms can even be grown indoors within a matter of weeks from purchasing a kit. Unlike the common button mushroom varieties, the oysters need only reading-level light to grow -- rather than the old expression of 'being kept in the dark and fed only horse sh$t.' Don't worry, the varieties we offer don't smell!

We have a few different products for growing oyster mushrooms. These 5 step oyster mushroom grow kits are perfect for kids (with adult supervision); as well as a good gift for that person that has everything, especially gardeners! Very low maintenance and doubles in size everyday once the mushrooms start 'pinning.' We also offer 'dowel spawn' to drill into your own logs, oyster mushroom sawdust spawn to grow in the garden, and pre-colonised oyster mushroom blocks that are 'ready to fruit' or start producing mushrooms.

The 5 Step Oyster Mushroom Kit

We have designed the '5-step grow-kit', containing everything you need to grow oyster mushrooms and really get an idea of the mushroom growing process. This kit is easy to use, even simpler than baking a cake. The kit comes with substrate, hydrated lime for pasteurisation, 'spawn' (a.k.a. grain that has been inoculated with the oyster mushroom culture), and a bag to put the mixed materials in. This kit will teach you the basic steps of how to grow oyster mushrooms hands on, at home with little equipment.

This is perfect for the hobbyist who is interested in growing mushrooms but doesn't know where to start ... Once you understand this method of growing, you can continue growing oyster mushrooms at home so that you have a consistent supply of fresh mushrooms for the family using your own substrate and only buying in