These kits are the easiest way to grow your own nutrient dense, organic (non-certified) mushrooms at home. They are great for kids and are an excellent source of organic gourmet mushrooms that are not normally available in grocery stores. Learn to grow mushrooms at home for a fraction of the retail price!


**Pink Oyster season is coming to an end for the south island, as we enter into winter it gets too cold for the tropical pink oyster to grow well, we recommend growing grey oyster for best winter results.


Kits are usually sent out within 1 week of purchase. Kit can be stored for up to 4 weeks once recieved, however for best results they are best mixed as soon as possible. 


Everything you'll need is pre-weighed and included in the mushroom kit, with easy to follow, detailed instructions.



-Mix hydrated lime and water.

-Mix in wood pellets.

-Mix mushroom spawn (mushroom seed/ starting culture) into now damp sawdust.

-Put mixture into bag supplied.

-Poke holes in bag as per instructions.

-Wait for mushrooms to grow!

-Harvest within 20-60 days for grey oysters and 14-30 days for pink!!

-Anywhere from 2-8 harvests is possible with the first 3 being the largest.


You will need:

-Something to measure water with.

-A work surface you can clean with soap, 10% bleach or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

-Clean bucket or something to mix in.


If for any reason your oyster kit doesn't work out, please email us some photos and we will be happy to help troubleshoot the issues and, if necessary, send a replacement.


Kit contains:

-1kg mushroom spawn (seeds/ spores/ starting culture).

-2kg wood pellets.

-1x bag for putting substrate mix into.

-Labeled bag of hydrated lime.

-1x cable tie.



Once ready, your bag will weigh about 5.5kg and be ready to produce mushrooms. Yield varies from 500g - 2.5kg of edible mushrooms over 2-3 month period. Yield depends on growing conditions, harvest time and environmental factors. This 5 step oyster growing kit can be grown year round inside NZ wide.


This kit is a one-off purchase designed to teach you how to use 'spawn' (mushroom seed/ starting culture) to grow mushrooms. After completing this kit you'll be able to purchase spawn/ "REFILL for 5 Step Osyter Kit" directly from us ($28/kg + freight). The rest of the supplies you'll need can be purchased from the supermarket making growing your own consistent supply of gourmet mushrooms extremely affordable :)


Some more informaiton about growing oyster mushrooms on our blog here.


Please note this method of growing will ONLY work for Oyster mushrooms (Grey Oyster, Pink Oyster and the Native Velvet Oyster).


Always identify any mushroom before consuming!


Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms - Easy 5 Step DIY Mushroom Grow Kit