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DIY 5-step Grow Kits are the most economical way to grow your own nutrient-dense, Oyster mushrooms at home.


Grey Phoenix (Italian) Oyster mushrooms are a hardy fast-growing mushroom that handle a wide range of temperatures well (5-25 degrees). They are the best option for beginner growers.


This kit is designed to enable you to Learn And Understand How to grow your own gourmet grey oyster mushrooms at home.


The kits are great for kids and adults alike and are an excellent source of gourmet mushrooms that are not normally available in grocery stores.


Each kit once mixed makes a 7KG mushroom grow kit. (That will typically fruit/ flush for up to 6-9 months).


This kit is a one-off purchase designed to teach you how to use 'spawn' (mushroom seed/ starting culture) to grow mushrooms. After completing this kit you'll be able to purchase a spawn/ >> REFILL for 5 Step Oyster Kit directly from us ($30 + freight), making growing your own consistent supply of gourmet mushrooms extremely affordable :)


Please note this method of growing ONLY works for Oyster mushrooms (Grey Oyster, Pink Oyster and the Native Velvet Oyster).


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