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4kg Grey Oyster mushroom grow kit: ready for you to produce mushrooms (fruit), harvest and eat!


The Grey Oyster aka Pheonix Oyster (Pleurotus pulmonarius) mushroom is super-easy to grow year round anywhere in NZ - and best for overall best yield. The kit will arrive ready to produce mushrooms almost right away. We guarantee at least one harvest, but you can definitely try for up to four or more!


Kits are a living product, fully colonised with the Grey Oyster (Pleurotus pulmonarius) mushroom culture when you receive it i.e. it will be ready or close to producing mushrooms.


There are many factors that affect the kit's total yield so we can't provide an exact estimate on that. However, we will provide detailed instructions on how to get the best results without specialized equipment. (These kits will often produce for 6-9months).


Our 4kg oyster kits are best for singles and couples (a few meals per flush) while our >> 6kg grey oyster kits are ideal for the family or sharing! 



Always identify any mushroom before consuming!


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4kg Grey Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit - Splash & Grow Block

  • SporeShift ships by NZ Post courier - shipments are trackable.

    Orders over $40 receive Free Shipping - NZ-wide.

    Kits are sent out immediately and are always fresh and therefore at the highest possible quality.

    As the kits are living they must be opened within 3 days of receiving.