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This is the most economical option we offer to grow your own delicious, gourmet grey, pink or velvet oyster mushrooms using a simple DIY bucket-style kit.


It is the REFILL for our:

>> Reusable Oyster Mushroom Bucket Kit


Included in your Refill kit is:


  • 1KG Grain Spawn Mix. (Select from Grey, Pink or Velvet Oyster variety)
  • Weighed Bag of hydrated lime.
  • Printed Instruction sheet.
  • Makes about 7kg fruiting substrate mix.


Everything you need is pre-weighed. You will just need a bag of fire wood pellets from your local supermarket or Bunnings/ Mitre10 - these retail for around $9-13 for 15k-20kg. (Kit uses 2kg wood pellets).


    Once mixed and ready to produce mushrooms, your bucket will weigh about 7kg and be ready to fruit. Yield varies from .5-2.5kg of edible mushrooms over 2-3 months. Yield will vary depending on conditions. Grey and Velvet oysters kit can be grown year round inside - Pink oyster in conditions above 15 degrees Celcius only.


    Always identify any mushroom before consuming!


    Click here for: >> Refills for the 5 Step Kit  (includes grow bag & cable tie).


    REFILL KIT - Oyster Mushroom Bucket Kits (Makes 7kg grow kit)