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INTLLAB Magnetic stirrer base spinner & bars used to make mushroom liquid culture and stir sterile liquids without touching the liquid.


These Magnetic Mixers are high quality, super easy to use, have adjustable stirring speed (up to 3000 rpm) and are lightweight (350grams) and portable. 


Magnetic Stirrer Kit ($120) includes:


1 Magnetic Stirrer

1 NZ Power Plug

1 Magnetic Stir bar


Size: 180mm x 130mm x 45mm

Working Plate size: 130mm x 130mm


Bars are 8mm x 30mm and will mix up to 1000ml of liquid, 500-600ml gives best mixing in our experience.


Spare Magnetic Bars are available ($15).


Glass mixing bottles not included. You can make your own pressure cooker liquid culture vessels using our glass jars, lids, filter patches and injection ports.


>>Glass Jars

>>Filter Patches

>>Self Healing Injection Ports


We also have >> liquid culture nutrient medium available here.


Simply mix in 4g of the nutrient mix per 100ml of water, sterilize at 15psi for 25mins and inoculate. Stir bars should be in the LC mix during sterilization.

Magnetic Stirrer/ Mixer Kit + Spare Magnetic Bars