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Sterilized sawdust & bran mix ready for inoculation. Sawdust is a blend of locally-sourced, coarse and fine-wood pieces, supplemented with 15-20% organic bran. It has been heat-sterilized for 8 hours and sealed in a filter patch bag. 


This is substrate used for final stage mushroom production - also known as "bulk substrate".


This blend gives superior consistency while maintaining density and moisture retention for rapid colonization and high yields. It is suitable for all wood-loving species of mushrooms. Is not recommended for dung-loving species such as agaricus (button/ portobello).


We recommend inoculating this substrate with grain spawn -- it is generally not recommened to inoculate sawdust with liquid culture, agar or spore syringes. A grain spawn rate of 10-20% is generally recommended, although spawning rates of up to 50% can be done to reduce risk of contamination and speed up colonization time.


If you have your own agar culture, liquid culture or spore syringe and want to make your own spawn checkout our >> sterile grain here.


This product does not come with any instructions.

Sterilized Sawdust Block 2KG