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Sterilised grain mix ready for inoculation. Grain is NZ-grown wheat which is sourced from local farms right here in Canterbury.


Grain spawn is usually 100% wheat but may change from time to time depending on seasonal supply.


This product works very well for both wood-loving as well as dung/compost-loving mushrooms.


If you are inoculating with >> liquid culture or spore syringe I suggest getting multiple 1kg bags -- inoculating multiple 1kg bags increases the chances of you getting a clean bag of spawn.


Use 5-20ml of liquid culture/ spore syringe per kg of grain to keep moisture content inside the bag within range. Too much liquid in the bag can encourage bacterial growth after inoculation.


Sorry, we do not offer custom grain mixes. Product will come with basic storage instructions.


Sterilised Grain - By the KG

  • Sterilized and sealed in a filter-patch bag -- sent out in 1kg bags.

    SporeShift ships by NZ Post courier - shipments are trackable.

    Shipping is a flat rate of $5 NZ-wide - or FREE for orders over $40.