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Mushroom Liquid culture syringes (20 mL)


Liquid culture is used to inoculate your own mushroom jars, or bags of sterilized grain, to make grain spawn.


Each batch has been tested on agar to be sure it is clean.


Each syringe contains a good amount of healthy mycelium. If you hold it in front of a light, and move it side to side, you will see the mycelium move around as the air bubble moves through it.


Select from the SporeShift range of liquid cultures:


  • Grey Oyster - Pleurotus Pulmonarius
  • Pink Oyster - Pleurotus Djamor
  • Velvet Oyster/ NZ-Native Oyster - Pleurotus Parsonsiae
  • Coral Tooth/ NZ Lions Mane - Hericium Novae Zelandiae
  • Shiitake - Lentinula Edodes
  • Turkey Tail - Trametes Versicolor
  • Enoki - Flammulina Velutipes


Liquid Mushroon Culture Usage Rate:


  • 10ml of liquid culture per KG of sterilized grain is a good starting point.
  • 20ml into 1 kg will make it colonize a bit faster.


Bulk Orders/ Wholesale:


We can provide bulk Liquid Culture sent out in 500-700mL batches -- please submit a contact us form to discuss pricing.


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Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringes (7 Species)