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Turkey Tail mushroom fruiting blocks: ready for you to produce your own, harvest and consume! Mushroom is ready to harvest within 1-2 months.

Turkey Tail is best consumed by boiling into tea for 20-60 mins with ginger and tumeric. Turkey Tail has a pleasant very mild flavour which is not mushroomy in taste. 


Turkey tail is very easy to grow. 


This kit comes ready to fruit -- simply cut marked lines as per supplied instructions, spray with water and allow to grow. Grows well indoors and out year round.


Turkey Tail is tolerant of a wide range of environmental conditions. As a slow-growing mushroom it takes 1-2 months to reach full maturity. It dehydrates very well for use as needed.


There are many factors that affect the block's total yield so we can't answer provide an exact estimate on that. However, we do provide detailed instructions on how to get the best results without specialized equipment. The scale photo above shows the weight from our first flush from a block on the farm.


Always identify any mushroom before consuming!


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Turkey Tail Mushroom Grow Kit - Splash & Grow Block

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