Organic (non certified), gourmet mushroom grain spawn ready to be mixed into substrate for fruiting. Both oyster strains produce beautiful, large mushrooms! Priced by the kg.


Beginners / first time growers please start with our 5 Step Box! This mushroom kit will set you up with a good understanding of what spawn is and how to use it. We do not offer instruction on how to use grain spawn, you can find heaps of info on youtube and google :) . Please note the 5 step kit method of growing will ONLY work for Oyster mushrooms (Grey Oyster, Pink Oyster and the Native Velvet Oyster)


All spawn is blend of NZ Grown organic rye and barley grain with 10-20% sawdust and is only shipped once we're sure it's contaminant free.

If you notice any colour other than white in the bag upon arrival please email us a photo before opening. If contaminated, we will replace it!

Sawdust and dowel spawn are also available for purchase.


All spawn and culture work is done in-house in our own laboratory.


Spawn will be sent in a 0.2 micron filter patch bag.


Delivery may be up to 1-4 weeks depending on supply. We will let you know a time frame at time of purchase if it is going to be longer. Oyster and shiitake spawn can usually be shipped within 1-2 weeks.


Often spawn is confused with 'mushroom spores.' We use spawn from our selected cultures, some imported and some NZ Cultures as we know exactly how they will produce and are suited to NZ conditions. Using 'spores' results in random variations of production and yield, sometimes not producing mushrooms at all which is why we do not sell spore syringes.


Always identify any mushroom before consuming!


Mushroom Spawn/ Seed/ Starting Culture/ Spores (by the kg)