**Please read info at bottom of description for making outdoor mushroom beds over winter.


Sawdust spawn to setup outdoor beds for Grey Oyster mushrooms. Patches can begin producing mushrooms in as little as 40 days and live for many years. Spawn is best used at 2KG per square metre of patch you want to setup.


 This mushroom is a fast colonizer that produces very well on a wide range of substrates such as woodchip, sawdust, straw, fibrous plant material like corn stalks and much more. Will grow well through the underlayer of the garden and produce mushrooms from spring to autumn.  More info on setting up an outdoor mushroom patch on our blog here.

How to make an oyster mushroom bed:

Building the patch/bed is simple: break up the spawn (mushroom seed/ starting culture), spread out the spawn evenly in the desired patch site, then add a layer of woodchip/straw (substrate) ontop of the spawn. Important to keep well watered for the first month and prevent drying out. Plants/ veges can be planted directly into the patch and is generally beneficial as the plants will provide shade and help keep humidity higher to encourage mushroom production. The mushroom will also help break down dead plant material to build healthy soil, enzymes secreted by the mushroom will also help break down any toxins in the soil and encourage beneficial bacteria.

Any type of woodchip will work, bark of any type will NOT work. Cereal straws are best if using straw to make the patch, pea straw is not recommended as it can be a bit too nutritious which can encourage competitors but can work if there is no other options.
Detailed paper instructions will come with the oyster sawdust spawn.

 Always identify any mushroom before consuming!


Some guidance for bed preparations over winter:

-South Island: Best to wait until spring if in cold area or somewhere that gets direct frost.

-North Island: If you get regular frosts best to wait until early spring, North North island/ Costal north island will be fine year round depending on you local micro climate.

Oyster Mushroom Outdoor Garden Bed Grow Kit - 2kg Sawdust Spawn