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Edible Garden Giant Mushroom, Burgundy Mushroom, King Stropharia, Wine Cap, Stropharia Rugosoannulata - the mushroom of many names and many uses. These excellent garden mushrooms are masters of decomposition as they turn wood into soil (while holding in moisture and unlocking nutrients making it available for plants/crops) and produce delicious, meaty mushrooms. 


Ideally you want 2KG spawn per square meter of patch you want to establish.


Best time to setup your patch:

South, South Island: late spring to summer

South Island, Canterbury and above: spring to mid autumn

North Island, lower half: early spring to autumn

North, North Island: year round


King Stropharia is excellent in permaculture as it's an aggressive recycler with a dense mycelial mat capable of gray water filtration. It's excellent companion for corn and supports overall soil health!


Honey bees have been known to drink the nectar this mushroom's mycelial mat secretes - it boosts their immune system. You can learn more about that here.


Outdoor King Stropharia patches are easy to set up. Simply put down a thin layer of sawdust/wood chip and then a layer of spawn. Cover with another 8-12 inches of sawdust/wood chip. Keep the patch watered over summer and you should have your first crop by mid summer/autumn. Once a patch is established simply add new wood annually and tasty mushrooms will continue to grow.


We recommend 2kg of spawn per square metre of patch you want to establish. The more spawn used the more likely the patch is to fruit during its first season. Once established, patches can be maintained for years. We will provide detailed setup instructions after purchase.


Price is per kg of sawdust spawn. It will be sent out in a filter patch bag. Spawn is ready to use upon arrival or can be stored in a cool dark place for months until needed.


Always identify any mushroom before consuming!

King Stropharia Spawn (price per 2kg)

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