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NZ-made CO² bags designed to increase CO² levels naturally - and radically increase your yield in indoor grow tents & small greenhouses.


Given the right conditions in your grow set-up, plant-matter growth and yield increases of 20-40% can be expected -- some plant species even gaining up to 100% growth and yield increases from CO² enrichment.


These are ideal for growing plants & micro-greens in small-area enclosed environs. All plants benefit from elevated carbon dioxide levels -- with faster, stronger, more vigorous growth.


Increasing CO² levels in commercial greenhouses is a standard process these days -- often done with complex systems burning natural gas. Luckily we have nature on our side: taking advantage of mushrooms breaking down sawdust, and turning it into carbon dioxide gas, gives us a safer, cheaper and far more eco-friendly alternative.


Two Mushroom CO² production bags in a 1200 x 1200 grow-tent will supply excellent CO² levels. Four bags is the ideal for absolutely optimal yields. (Halve the bags required for the XL size)


Two of these CO² Bags - in the 2 tier mini-greenhouse pictured above - took CO² levels from ambient (400-420ppm) to 2100-2300ppm in under an hour.


SporeShift CO² Bags will produce for about 4-6 months as the mycelium breaks down the carbon-producing-mix in the bag. More bags can be added if higher CO² levels are desired - or if you are servicing larger areas with more plants/ micro green trays.

You can also replace your bags every 2-3 months if you want to retain peak CO² levels consistently.


Further Resources


Read about how to cycle CO² bags in and out + further detailed instructions on how to use your mushroom CO² bags in our >> CO² bag depth user-guide here.


Mushroom-based CO² bags - for rapid plant growth