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Mushroom Filter Patch bags for spawn or substrate.


All sizes are autoclavable at 121 celcius.


Size 1: Holds 1KG grain.

Size 2: Holds 2KG grain.

Size 3: Holds 3KG grain or 2.3-2.6kg of sawdust.

Size 4: Not suitable for grain spawn - Holds 4.5-5kg of sawdust.


Bag specifications:

Size 1: 100mm wide x 500mm tall with 40mm gussets - 0.2 micron filter patch.

Size 2: 130mm wide x 500mm tall with 60mm gussets - 0.2 micron filter patch.

Size 3: 200mm wide x 500mm tall with 60mm gussets - 0.2 micron filter patch.

Size 4: 250mm wide x 650mm tall with 70mm gussets - 0.5 micron filter patch.


Gusset width determines how deep the bag will be when the bag is filled, for example a 60mm gusset will turn into 120mm deep when the bag is filled.


Filter patches on the bag allow the mushroom inside the bag to breath, exhaling CO² and breathing oxygen, 0.2 micron filter is the recommened size for spawn bags and can be used for fresh mushroom production. 

Size 4 has a 0.5 micron filter which is only suitable for bulk substrate for fresh mushroom production and is not recommeneded for grain spawn.


Size 3 is your common 5lb/ 2.5KG size filter patch bag. Similar to Unicorn Bags 14A size.


Please send me a contact form enquiry for custom-pricing on bulk orders of 500/1000 lots. 


Mushroom Filter Patch Bags - Mushroom Grow Bags