Shiitake mushrooms have been cultivated in East Asia for centuries. Shiitakes are consumed as a big part of Asian cuisine as well as for medicinal purposes in traditional chinese medicine!  Notice the difference in taste from growing your own shiitakes on organic, local beech sawdust compared to the shiitake grown in mass production.


This shiitake block is ready for you to fruit, harvest and eat! All you need to do is find a good spot for the block, peel the bag off and spray the block daily until mushrooms grow!! Check out our blog post here for some more detailed informaiton on growing shiitake mushrooms. Detailed printed instrucitons come with the shiitake block.


Blocks are usually sent out within 1 week. If for any reason it would be longer we will email to advise as we keep out stock as fresh as possible and at the highest quality.


There are many factors that affect total yield so we can't provide an exact estimate on that, but we will provide detailed instructions on how to get the best results without specialized equipment. If for some reason your block does not produce mushrooms, send us a photo so we can help troubleshoot the issue or replace your shiitake block if all else fails :)


Always identify any mushroom before consuming!

Shiitake Block - Grow Your Own

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