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SporeShift Mushrooms NZ is a boutique mushroom farm in North Canterbury. 


Established in 2018, by a young couple, Taylor and Susan, in an effort to build a business that is environmentally sustainable and matches our eco-friendly lifestyle. We aim to keep our environmental impact positive, sourcing any substrates from local sustainable sources if possible ... know your farmer's farmer! 


We are passionate about sharing the knowledge and autonomy of growing your own nutrient-dense mushrooms at home or in the garden. Offering a range of grow kits, growing supplies and equipment for even the most novice of mushroom growers! While fully supporting local growers and other small-scale farms throughout the country, we feel that there is a shift in awareness gearing toward the importance of local, community-driven supply chains and growing your own nutrient-dense produce.

Fresh mushrooms can easily be incorporated to your home garden and can even be grown indoors in urban environments on a variety of substrates. Check out our blog for further info about growing mushrooms at home or in your community! 

About Us


DIY Favourites


We sell cultures, spawn, and dowels for growing your own gourmet mushrooms.

 Pink Oyster

(Pleurotus Djamor)

 Phoenix Oyster

(Pleurotus Pulmonarius)


(Lentinula Edodes)

 King Stropharia

(Stropharia Rugosoannulata)

 Coral Tooth

(Hericium Novae-Zealandiae)


(Cyclocybe Parasitica)

 Turkey Tail

(Trametes Versicolor)


(Flammulina Velutipes)

NZ Native Shiitake
(Lentinula Novaezelandiae)

NZ Native Oyster

(Pleurotus Parsonsiae)

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Splash & Grow Grey Oyster Kits & Pink Oyster Kits & Shiitake Kits: Comes with simple instructions for ideal fruiting environment. No hassle, minimal watering. Good for indoor growing while taking up little space. After use, the entire setup can be composted. Locally sourced, pre-inoculated substrate and instructions. Bountiful yields.